Property Division

The division of a real estate (property) or more co-ownership cases could arise from different legal facts. For example, a division may occur:

  • during the marriage. Husbands acquire jointly movable and immovable property which, after divorce, remains in common ownership between them and is subject to a division;
  • upon the death of the heir and the inheritance by his/her heirs;
  • when from the beginning the property is acquired / purchased / co-owned at the will of the parties etc.

Voluntary and legal division of property

Property Division

Hrsitova Law Office

Each of the co-owners may requests a division of the co-owned property. If consent for the voluntary partition of the property is not reached, it can be done through a court case, regardless of the will of the other co-owners. The claim for partition cannot be extinguished.

The firm offers legal assistance and advice for

  • Property division – judicial and voluntary.
  • Cases of indemnity for self-use of a co-owned property and for improvements made by one of the co-owners.
  • Cases to reduce wills and donations that violate the preserved portion of the inheritance.
  • Donation cases.
  • Claims for a larger share of the property acquired during the marriage.
  • Property lawsuits.