Do you need a divorce lawyer?

When circumstances are leading to the dissolution of your marriage, do not hesitate to contact a divorce lawyer. We, at Hristova, Argirova and partners Law Firm, will help you deal with this difficult situation. No matter in what order the divorce case will be conducted as a divorce by mutual consent or as a claim divorce (due to irreparably disruption of marriage), we will give you the necessary advice.

Claim Divorce (due to irreparably disruption of marriage)

Claim Divorce (due to irreparably disruption of marriage)Each spouse may seek a divorce when, in his opinion, the marriage is deeply and irreparably disrupted. The claim for divorce must include claims for exercising parental rights (child custody), personal relationships between children and parents, child maintenance, division of assets, use of family house after divorce. The court rules on the fault of the marriage disorder when either party so requests. Most often, in such situations, parties are worried about stchild custody (whom will be given the parental rights). We offer sample criteria to guide you:

  • the educational qualities of parents;
  • the care and treatment of children so far;
  • children’s attachment to parents;
  • gender and age of children;
  • the parents will;
  • available help from relatives;
  • financial capacity.

Divorce by mutual consent

Divorce by mutual consentDivorce by mutual consent is the other alternative we propose and is available when the spouses reach a serious agreement to terminate their marriage and are unwilling to bring details of their intimate life to court. In a divorce by mutual consent, spouses appear in court in person to confirm that they want their marriage to be dissolved.

Wedding contract

Preparation and advice on marriage contract.

Legal services related to the property division after divorce, claims for establishing the transformation of personal property, claims for determining a larger share of the property