Maintenance - Which persons are entitled to maintenance?

Maintenance of a childThe right to maintenance is granted to a person who is incapacitated and unable to live on his property.

The Family Code defines exhaustively the order of the persons who owe maintenance and, accordingly, the persons who are entitled to maintenance.

The amount of maintenance is determined according to the needs of the person entitled to maintenance and the capabilities of the person who owes it.

Most often, in practice, we are facing cases for the maintenance of a child under the age of majority. Parents owe maintenance to their minor children, whether they are able to work and whether they can live on their property. The minimum alimony is one quarter of the minimum wage.

Maintenance for a child over 18 years

Parents also owe maintenance to their adult children if they regularly study in secondary or higher educational institutions for the intended period of education – up to the age of twenty, in secondary school, and at the age of twenty-five, in higher educational institution. , and cannot live on their income or on the use of their property, and parents can give it without difficulty.

Child support over the age of 18 is paid on a monthly basis. Legal interest is due when delay is occurred.

The firm offers advice and legal representation

  • In cases of awarding and determining Maintenance;
  • Cases for increasing the maintenance;
  • Cases for collection of maintenance on a compulsory basis when the debtor fails to perform this duty in good faith.