Management and supervision of a real estate

Management and supervision of a real estateProperty management and care requires effort and time that not everyone has. In such situations, the attorneys at the Hristova, Argirova and partners Law Firm are at your disposal. We will assist you in relieving your responsibilities of managing the real estate on your own.

We offer a full range of services related to real estate management activities.

What is Property Management?

  • rent a property;
  • selection of correct renters;
  • personal receipt of the rental price and its transfer to the lessor in a manner and term agreed individually (if necessary);
  • direct payment or control over payment for electricity, water, telephone, central heating and others;
  • periodic inspection of the property condition;
  • organizing and overseeing the necessary repair activities, which are lessor’s responsibility;
  • opening and changing individual accounts for electricity, water and others;
  • a written notice before each action and its execution after your explicit consent;
  • additional services that are individually negotiated.

Contract conditions

Договор за управление на недвижима собственостThe term of the real estate management contract is at least one year. The price of the whole range of services is paid monthly and amounts to 12% of the agreed monthly rent.

* In cases where the property is not for rent, the price is negotiated individually, and is based on the acquired services.

If you need legal assistance or have a legal problem with your property, you can always consult our qualified attorneys.