Company Registration

Company RegistrationWe offer preparation of necessary documents and registration of companies (ET, OOD, EOOD), changes in already registered companies, liquidation of trading companies and deletion, publication of annual financial statements and balance sheets.

Sole Trader (ET) Registration

Any able-bodied person domiciled in the country can register as a sole trader (ET). A person may register only one company as a sole trader. The sole trader company name must contain without any abbreviations the personal name and patronymic of which it is known in the public.

Registration of a limited liability company

Registration of companies as a limited liability company (OOD, EOOD.) may be initiated by one or more persons. The partnership agreement is concluded in writing.
The company name of the company must include the designation OOD orEOOD. The capital of a limited liability company may not be less than BGN 2. It consists of the shares of the partners, which may not be less than BGN 1. The sum of the units must be equal to the capital and the value of each unit must be a multiple of 1. One unit may be jointly held by several persons.

Announcement of annual financial statements of companies

Announcement of annual financial statements (AFS) of companies for the current year, which includes: preparation of the necessary documents for that and submitting them to the Commercial Register electronically, without the need to prepare the documents yourself, fill in the applications and wait in line in the Commercial Register to file them in person. Reporting deadline: June 30 of the current year.